Kalimba Pro 1.4.0


Have fun playing one of the easiest musical instruments in the world! Record your tunes and share them with your friends on Facebook!

The Kalimba is a popular musical instrument from southern Africa. The keys are plucked with thumb or fingers, and the vibrations are amplified by a hollow box resonator or sounding board.

With this new Android App you can experience this popular African instruments for yourself. In addition to playing you can also tune the instrument by making the keys shorter or longer like on a real Kalimba! Save your new tunings for later use. You can also try out several built-in tunings to get you started. In this Pro version you can choose between four different sounds, as well as Midi over WiFi.

This app supports multitouch (*).

The Facebook sharing functionality should be considered beta at this stage, although it should work fine in most cases.

Many thanks to Bill Boltralik for testing on the Motorola Xoom and useful general feedback!

* DISCLAIMER: Some devices have considerable bugs with multitouch, often causing lags and pointer coordinate troubles. If you are having these problems, please download "MultiTouch Tester" from Android Market to see if it is your device itself which is faulty.

Please email me at johs@ringheimsauto.org if you are having problems, and it will be acted upon ASAP!

Last Updated:2015-06-10 15:01:22
File size:3.09MB

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